Doctor Who Are You? Friday Trending Topics – Bleeding Cool …

tardis I really wanna know. And I suspect the internet will be very full of Who over the next 36 hours. On the BBC at 7pm this Sunday night we will finally find out who will play the twelfth doctor, in a live show hosted by Zoe Ball. Continue reading

TVLine Items: Doctor Who's Spoiler-Proof 50th Plan, Witches …

In a bold bid to avoid timey-wimey spoilers spreading 'round the Internet, Doctor Who 's 50th anniversary special will be simulcast worldwide at the same time. In other words, per (which kindly did the math for Continue reading

'Doctor Who' 50th Anniversary to be Simulcast Internationally

In an attempt to avoid Internet spoilers for November's 50th anniversary episode of ' Doctor Who ,' the episode will be simultaneously broadcast around the globe in 200 countries. Continue reading

Don't set aside a weekend to watch the missing Doctor Who … – Io9

For the past couple weeks, the internet has been ablaze with rumors that 90 of the 106 deleted episodes of Doctor Who had been recovered. Sadly, Philip Morris, the man who was rumored to have found the episodes, has Continue reading

Doctor Who season finale shows up in the mail a few days early – Io9

The BBC has been trying to keep a tight lid on the details of the Doctor Who season finale, but the episode has gotten out, not through the Internet but through the mail. It seems some fans have already received their … Continue reading

Doctor Who Page On Wikipedia Hacked – It's Now Nothing But A …

The BBC asked the internet to play along and not spoil next week's Doctor Who season finale. Of course, somebody on the internet decided to spite that. At the time of me publishing this, the Wikipedia page for Doctor Who has … Continue reading

Oh No They Didn't! – Doctor Who: 7×13 "The Name of the Doctor …

Doctor Who Fans: Leave the Internet NOW Okay, the following is an instruction for those of you who don't want to find themselves spoilered by what is an almighty cock-up in North American: Blu-ray editions of Doctor Who … Continue reading

Doctor Who Gift Exchange – Geek Sugar

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, and the Internet can barely contain its excitement (two Doctors in one!). Where do Web citizens turn during these momentous events? Reddit, of course. The Doctor Who … Continue reading

Interesting – And Spoilery – Reports From Today's Doctor Who …

The keenest and most efficient of the Doctor Who snoops on the internet seems to be one Ryan Farrell. Today he took some snaps on the set of the 50th anniversary special that reveal that, despite recent communications, we … Continue reading

Doctor Who First British Show on EW Cover | The Mary Sue

We love us some Doctor Who . In fact, large parts of the internet love Doctor Who so much that it's easy to forget that it was only relatively recently that the show started making waves with more mainstream audiences in the … Continue reading