Doctor Who News: Tom Riley to star in Mark Gatiss episode

The new edition of Doctor Who Magazine reveals that joining Riley in the episode will be actor Trevor Cooper, who last appeared in Doctor Who in 1985 when he played Takis in the Sixth Doctor story Revelation of the Daleks. Continue reading

Flashback to the first glimpse of a Dalek – Doctor Who News

Fifty years ago today on Doctor Who the companion Barbara Wright – as played by Jacqueline Hill – became the first of the TARDIS crew to encounter a Dalek in the cliffhanger to the episode The Dead Planet. At the time, only Continue reading

How Often Do Characters Say the Name of a Doctor Who Episode in …

This supercut has every time a character says the name of an episode in the episode since 2005. Continue reading

Doctor Who News: BBC Worldwide to include 'Widow' on Series …

BBC Worldwide has bowed to fan pressure and agreed to include the 2011 Christmas special, The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe on the UK version of the Complete Series Seven DVD Boxed Set. Although the episode Continue reading

'Doctor Who' 50th anniversary special to be simulcast across the …

Doctor Who fans are already looking forward to the series' 50th anniversary special, and the BBC is clearly aiming for a global impact: the episode is going to air at the same time across the… Continue reading

'Doctor Who' 50th Anniversary to be Simulcast Internationally

In an attempt to avoid Internet spoilers for November's 50th anniversary episode of ' Doctor Who ,' the episode will be simultaneously broadcast around the globe in 200 countries. Continue reading

Doctor Who: Nightmare in Silver – Patheos

We were told that, in the episode of Doctor Who ”Nightmare in Silver,” Neil Gaiman aimed to make the cybermen scary again. It is arguable that he accomplished that, not only by making the cybermen a little scarier, but also … Continue reading

Doctor Who Recap The Crimson Horror | The Mary Sue

It says a lot of things, none of them good, when, after a good twenty minutes of episode without the Doctor, I get vaguely disappointed that he's finally shown up and now the episode is going to revolve around him. Well … Continue reading

Series 7 Finale Title Revealed | Doctor Who TV

The episode title for the Series 7 finale has finally been revealed along with the poster art. And the title of the episode… The Name of the Doctor. series-7-finale-poster-portrait. poster-series-7-finale. This was one of the … Continue reading