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Learn everything you should know about Doctor Who in one handy infographic. The 12th Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi, lands his TARDIS in a few short weeks and now's the time to start getting ready. Are you a Doctor Who Continue reading

Doctor Who News: Doctor Who Tour Begins

Doctor Who is getting even bigger and even better – and it's a real thrill that the show's fans here in Wales will be the very first to see the new Doctor at this very special premiere screening. Doctor Who has been made in Wales for almost 10 Continue reading

Doctor Who: 5 Best "Day of the Doctor" Re-Edits | Houston Press

I don't know if I will ever watch something as personally exciting as the 50th Anniversary special “The Day of the Doctor”. On one hand the Zygons were kind of a bust, Eccleston refused to take part, and I still say Tennant Continue reading

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Since the reinvention of Doctor who in 2005, much has been made of the Doctor's dark side. Christopher Eccleston and Russell T Davies did unparalleled work creating a three dimensional character who, against the type of Continue reading

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Doctor Who : Part 1. Whatever you wish to call it. Deep Breath is the start of Part 2. A new Doctor. A new regeneration cycle. A new objective for which the Doctor is striving for: Gallifrey. It seems fitting the the beginning of this Continue reading

MOVIES: Fathom to screen new 'Doctor Who' episode – PE.com Blogs

Clara (Jenna Coleman) and The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) in “ Doctor Who .” (BBC America). Whovians, it's time to party with the new Doctor. Fathom Events is bringing the new Doctor to the big screen. To celebrate the brand new Continue reading

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These were published on the BBC America site while I believe Comic-Con was going on. I don't believe we shared them, so here you go. The Doctor (Peter Capaldi), Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman) and Alaya (Neve Continue reading

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The Doctor is annoyed that Clara booked her cinema ticket before him… ( The BBC have reported that tickets to the cinematic outing of the Doctor Who new series premiere Deep Breath will go on sale from tomorrow morning Continue reading

12th Doctor Story “Lights Out” | Doctor Who TV

The Guardian has confirmed that author Holly Black (The Spiderwick Chronicles) has written a 12th Doctor story in Puffin's eshort series of Doctor Who adventures entitled “Lights Out”. Black said: “It's a huge honour to get to Continue reading