Doctor Who News: Hillywood does Doctor Who

The Hillywood Show, the internet site renowned for producing parodies of big budget Hollywood movies, has turned its attention to Doctor Who . The video, created by sisters Hilly and Hannah Hindi, take a look at life with the Continue reading

Doctor Who Page On Wikipedia Hacked – It's Now Nothing But A …

The BBC asked the internet to play along and not spoil next week's Doctor Who season finale. Of course, somebody on the internet decided to spite that. At the time of me publishing this, the Wikipedia page for Doctor Who has … Continue reading

Interesting – And Spoilery – Reports From Today's Doctor Who …

The keenest and most efficient of the Doctor Who snoops on the internet seems to be one Ryan Farrell. Today he took some snaps on the set of the 50th anniversary special that reveal that, despite recent communications, we … Continue reading

Doctor Who First British Show on EW Cover | The Mary Sue

We love us some Doctor Who . In fact, large parts of the internet love Doctor Who so much that it's easy to forget that it was only relatively recently that the show started making waves with more mainstream audiences in the … Continue reading