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Learn everything you should know about Doctor Who in one handy infographic. The 12th Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi, lands his TARDIS in a few short weeks and now's the time to start getting ready. Are you a Doctor Who Continue reading

The Curious Case of the 9th Doctor | Doctor Who TV

It seems like a prudent time to take a look back at his first regeneration life, or more specifically the time between his 8th and 10th incarnation, where there exists the curious case of the 9th Doctor. Who was, should have, could Continue reading

Topical Blend #2: Deck Doctor Who – Wizards of the Coast

Episode 2, Series 6 of Doctor Who features one of my favorite television scenes. Here's the setup. The newly discovered villains of the time are The Silence, bulbous-headed aliens with a pretty potent trick: as soon as you look Continue reading

Doctor Who News: Smith and Gillan – The first camera test

In fact, the first official image of the pair was released in July 2009 when filming began on Series 5, as reported at the time by Doctor Who News. Having already appeared in the show as a soothsayer in The Fires of Pompeii in Continue reading

Flashback to the first glimpse of a Dalek – Doctor Who News

Fifty years ago today on Doctor Who the companion Barbara Wright – as played by Jacqueline Hill – became the first of the TARDIS crew to encounter a Dalek in the cliffhanger to the episode The Dead Planet. At the time, only Continue reading

'Doctor Who' fans raising money to fight cancer for 50th anniversary …

Whovians are banding together to fight cancer in a fundraiser based around the β€œ Doctor Who ” 50th anniversary celebration. They hope to meet their goal by the time β€œThe Day of the Doctor” airs on November 23. Continue reading

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Another year and another Doctor, Christopher Eccleston only stayed for one series before moving on to other projects. The ninth Doctor regenerated after kissing Rose and absorbing all the power from the time vortex at the Continue reading

BBC Unveils 'Doctor Who' 50th Anniversary TV, Radio Programming …

The U.K. public broadcaster will air specials around the time of the anniversary on various networks and shows, including kids series and talk star Graham Norton's radio show. Continue reading