Doctor Who leak: Peter Capaldi's first episode as The Doctor …

Right about now I'd wager the BBC wishes it really did have a phone box that could travel through time. Several scripts and at least one full episode for the upcoming season of Doctor Who have made their way to the Internet, Continue reading

Doctor Who News: Series Eight Scripts leak online

The BBC has appealed to fans not to spoil the new series of Doctor Who , after a number of scripts from upcoming shows were leaked onto the internet. The first five scripts for Series Eight, including the series opener Deep Continue reading

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Doctor Who News: Hillywood does Doctor Who

The Hillywood Show, the internet site renowned for producing parodies of big budget Hollywood movies, has turned its attention to Doctor Who . The video, created by sisters Hilly and Hannah Hindi, take a look at life with the Continue reading

If Tim Burton Did DOCTOR WHO « Nerdist

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Doctor Who 50th anniversary promos bring Matt Smith and David …

A short and long version of the trailer for The Day of the Doctor both hit the Internet this weekend, showing footage of Matt Smith, David Tennant, John Hurt, the Daleks and more. Continue reading

All Doctor Who Episode Names Video – GeekSugar

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