10 Things Doctor Who Taught Me About Parenting – Rocket City Mom

As devout fandom goes, I'm a bit late to the Doctor Who game. I never grew up watching the original show and only just discovered the reboot this past year with my family. My eight and nine year-old devour it like fish sticks Continue reading

'Doctor Who' Season 8 Full Trailer: The Doctor Into Darkness

The full trailer for ' Doctor Who ' season 8 teases mysterious villains, familiar allies, and an older Doctor (Peter Capaldi) looking to fix mistakes from his past. Continue reading

Doctor Who Season 8 Scripts Leaked | Giant Freakin Robot

doctor who While I've never been in the screenplay-handling business, I'd have to imagine that in the past, transporting scripts would be as easy as putting them in a locked box and bringing them from place to place. But we Continue reading

Which Doctor Who Adventure Has Been Named DWM Readers …

The new issue of Doctor Who magazine reveals the results of their reader's poll and fans have crowned the 50th anniversary episode, The Day Of The Doctor, as their favourite Doctor Who adventure of the past 50 years! Continue reading

Doctor Who: The Time Warrior

It also introduced the Sontarans, who have remained popular and made recurring appearances on Doctor Who . The episode involves a Sontaran who has crashed on Earth in the past and who is kidnapping scientists from the Continue reading

Eighth Season Doctor Who Gets An August Release and New …

Sure, it's just a darkened silhouette of Peter Capaldi, and maybe we have been pretty hard on the show for the past couple of seasons. But GOOD LORD. Continue reading

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Good day, you lovely ladies and gents. Welcome to Barely Related, a conversational Friday column that presents the non-gaming news stories that we, the Joystiq staff, have been talking about over the past week. And no Continue reading

Doctor Who, Saga, And Pacific Rim Are Among The 2014 Hugo …

It's that time of year again! The official nominees for the 2014 Hugo Awards were announced this past weekend, shining the genre's spotlight on old staples like Doctor Who , the massively entertaining Pacific Rim, and critically Continue reading

11th Doctor Lives in New Comic Book 'Doctor Who' | nerdbastards.com

It was with a lot of disappointment (and admittedly some jubilation on the other hand) that Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith regenerated into Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi at the end of the Doctor Who Christmas special this past Continue reading

North Korea may let its citizens watch Doctor Who as a way to get …

BBC television shows Doctor Who , Top Gear, and Teletubbies may soon be expanding to North Korean state television, according to a report in the British paper, The Independent, this past weekend. The BBC, which has Continue reading