What If Doctor Who Became A Saturday Morning Cartoon? – io9

What if the Twelfth Doctor and Clara got their own animated adventure series? Artist Stephen Byrne created this cartoon intro, complete with animated versions of a Dalek, a Weeping Angel, and good old Handles the Continue reading

Character Building Doctor Who Wave 4 Arrives in Stores …

July 31st, 2014 83 comments. Character Building Doctor Who Wave 4 Arrives in Stores. No official announcement or images but they have arrived! Purchased in Forbidden Planet Edinburgh. Thanks to The Twelfth Doctor… cb41. cb42. cb43. Continue reading

Moffat Questions “Twelfth Doctor” Title | Doctor Who TV

He never thinks of himself as a numbered Doctor. The Twelfth Doctor means the twelfth actor to have played the lead in Doctor Who . That's all it means. There is no such character as the Twelfth Doctor and never has been. Continue reading

A “New” Trailer for DOCTOR WHO, Circa 1974 « Nerdist

The first trailer for Series 8 of Doctor Who , the first featuring Peter Capaldi (aka P-Caps) as the Twelfth Doctor, last weekend was one of the best trailers produced for the show and certainly went a long way to making lots of Continue reading

Doctor Who Peter Capaldi – Indiewire

Since it first started running in the early 1960s, BBC's ” Doctor Who ” has been a cult sensation in both the U.K. and abroad. Now, we have a 20 second sneak peak at the upcoming series, starring the Twelfth Doctor, played by Continue reading

New 'Doctor Who' Teaser Trailer Asks Whether the Doctor Is a Good …

A teaser trailer for the upcoming series of the television show Doctor Who focuses on whether the Doctor is a good man. The new series, starring Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor and Jenna Coleman as Clara Oswald, Continue reading

A Huge Change In BBC America's Usual Doctor Who Presence At …

If you're a Doctor Who fan planning on attending San Diego Comic-Con next month, you might want to brace yourself. BBC America has confirmed that there will not be a Doctor Who panel at SDCC 2014. Twelfth Doctor Peter Continue reading

Peter Capaldis Doctor Who set to premiere with Deep Breath in August

Peter Capaldi's first full outing as ” Doctor Who “'s Twelfth Doctor will be a “feature-length” affair entitled “Deep Breath.” Capaldi will be joined by Jenna Coleman who is returning to the role of companion Clara Oswald, which Continue reading

Doctor Who: T-Shirt: The 12th Doctor Costume – Merchandise Guide …

Doctor Who : T-Shirt: The Twelfth Doctor Costume. Debuting at SDCC 2014! “No frills, no scarf, no messing, just 100% Rebel Time Lord” Dress yourself as the accessory-free, totally punk rock 12th Doctor as portrayed by Peter Continue reading