Doctor Who to debut in cinemas around the world Aug 23 …

Following the success of the Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode “The Day of the Doctor”, which was screened in 3D in the same number of cinemas last November, “Deep Breath” the series 8 opener for Peter Capaldi is Continue reading

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The premiere of Doctor Who series 8 airs on BBC One in the UK on Saturday, August 23, and on BBC America in the US on the same day (at 8PM ET). It's a “feature-length” episode called “Deep Breath,” starring the new Continue reading

Doctor Who News: FOX Germany announces Series 8 "simulcast …

FOX Germany have announced their intention to broadcast the next series of Doctor Who at the same time as or as near as possible to its transmission in the United Kingdom – making it the first station in the world to present a Continue reading

Lawrence Miles' Doctor Who Thing: Erratum

But I will mention that in 1977, the same year Mary Whitehouse's assault on Doctor Who reached its most vitriolic point, she presented Jimmy Savile with a special award for his “wholesome family entertainment”. Then, as now Continue reading

Matt Smith: I'll happily come back | Doctor Who TV

I always look at David and go, 'Oh my god. It's Doctor Who !' “David is a great guy and a good friend. It was so fun. Doctors in the same room is just magic, isn't it!” He enthused: “I'll happily come back for another anniversary!”. Continue reading

Is this Doctor Who's brand new companion? – io9

Meet Danny. He's a schoolteacher who teaches at the same school as Clara Oswald, the Doctor's companion on Doctor Who . And he's about to become the show's newest recurring character. And possibly, another Continue reading

“I will always remember when the Doctor was me” | Doctor Who TV

Change, whilst remaining fundamentally the same is what Doctor Who uniquely excels at, and though, from the point of view I've posed so far, this is the most monumental change for the Doctor, on a very personal basis, the Continue reading

Doctor Who one of biggest shows in the world, says BBC following …

Fiftieth-anniversary special breaks record after millions tune in across 94 nations or watch in 3D at the cinema at the same time. Continue reading