It's Worth Reading One More Essay About The Women Of Doctor Who

At this point, the strange dynamic between Doctor Who's time-traveling loner and his endless series of female compatriots has been dissected in a thousand essays, rants and blog posts. But you still have to read Katherine Continue reading

UK: Doctor Who Marathon On Watch Tomorrow From 6am | David …

UK digital channels Watch and Watch HD are showing a marathon of back to back episodes of Doctor Who Specials starring David Tennant tomorrow. The adventures begin at 6am and include guest appearances from the Continue reading

Doctor Who Original Paper Doll Artwork – MightyMega

This one-of-a-kind Doctor Who artwork is made by artist Margot Jenner. Depicting the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) and the Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith), this amazing piece measures about 30″ x 26″ large. The two Continue reading