Doctor Who: Eleventh Doctor's Green Coat – Merchandise Guide …

Doctor Who : Eleventh Doctor's Green Coat. As seen in the episodes: Let's Kill Hitler, Closing Time, The Wedding of River Song, and the Girl Who Waited. This faithful reproduction of the 11th Doctor's Green Jacket is made of Continue reading

Steven Moffat: Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Was 'The Unwritable …

Of all the episodes of Doctor Who ever to air, none have quite the same weight as “The Day of the Doctor”, better known as the show's 50th anniversary special. As head writer, it fell on Steven Moffat to pen the episode which, Continue reading

Series 1-7 Face-Off Results: Dream Run (Episodes … – Doctor Who TV

Across March and April Doctor Who TV pitted all the revival episodes so far against each other and asked you to vote on each. The results are now in and now we're revealing the “Dream Run” – these are the episodes that Continue reading

IMAO » Blog Archive » Classic Doctor Who Season 14

I'm watching the classic Doctor Who episodes from the beginning. That's from 1963. Been doing it for a bit now, because I'm up to the episodes that first aired in 1976-77. That's Season 14, for those counting. Even if you're not Continue reading

DOCTOR WHO Director Christopher Barry Has Passed Away « Nerdist

Among his myriad accomplishments over his nearly 50 year career is the distinction of being the longest-serving director on Doctor Who , helming 43 episodes spanning from 1963 to 1979. Barry, in fact, directed four episodes Continue reading

'Doctor Who' was 'so much better than real life' says Tom Baker …

While Tom Baker doesn't watch “ Doctor Who ,” even his episodes, the fourth Doctor plans on viewing the 50th anniversary special and thinks his time on the show was better than real life. Continue reading

Doctor Who News: The Tenth Doctor Revisited On BBC America

BBC America is to mark the era of the Tenth Doctor by showing the episodes The Stolen Earth and Journey's End on Sunday 27th October as part of its celebratory season Doctor Who : The Doctors Revisited. They will be Continue reading

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Countdown – Midnight | DAVID …

To celebrate the fact that 2013 is the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who , we are taking a look back at all of the episodes of the show which featured David Tennant as the Doctor. At the end of our look back we'll be asking you, Continue reading

Don't set aside a weekend to watch the missing Doctor Who … – Io9

For the past couple weeks, the internet has been ablaze with rumors that 90 of the 106 deleted episodes of Doctor Who had been recovered. Sadly, Philip Morris, the man who was rumored to have found the episodes, has Continue reading