Doctor Who News: Zohra Sehgal 1912-2014

Zohra Sehgal was the longest lived actress ever to appear in Doctor Who , appearing alongside the first Doctor William Hartnell in two stories. She played Sheyrah in the second episode of the 1965 story The Crusade, as well as having a small Continue reading

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Doctor Who is the longest-running science fiction program on television. But until Doctor Who : Legacy came along, you'd have been hard pressed to find a videogame adaptation that came anywhere near the series' quality or Continue reading

5 Of The Most Badass Villains in Doctor Who | CYNOBS

Doctor Who ? Being the longest running sci-fi series in human history, Doctor Who first appeared on the BBC on Saturday November 23rd 1963. The program ran for almost thirty years before being cancelled in 1989. In 2005 Continue reading

Sci-Fi Contest Roundup: Doctor Who

What's a Sci-Fi contest without entries from the longest running sci-fi TV show, Doctor Who ? Sonic Screwdriver Door Lock Ah yes, the iconic Sonic Screwdriver, able to get the Doctor out of almost any jam — with style. Continue reading

IMAO » Blog Archive » Classic Doctor Who Season 11

It featured a new opening sequence, highlighted by the classic Doctor Who diamond-shaped logo. It also introduced Sarah Jane Smith, who was with The Doctor for four seasons, the longest of any companion so far. The first Continue reading

DOCTOR WHO Director Christopher Barry Has Passed Away « Nerdist

Among his myriad accomplishments over his nearly 50 year career is the distinction of being the longest-serving director on Doctor Who , helming 43 episodes spanning from 1963 to 1979. Barry, in fact, directed four episodes Continue reading

Doctor Who News: Christopher Barry 1925 – 2014

Christopher Barry was responsible for some of the most admired stories from the classic series of Doctor Who , where he was the longest serving director, responsible for 43 episodes spanning the years 1963-1979. Continue reading

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Time is relative for Time Lords, but when it comes to launching the longest running sci-fi show in television history, timing is… Continue reading