Doctor Who – The Impossible Set 11th Doctor and Clara …

Doctor Who – The Impossible Set 11th Doctor and Clara. Available to order from Clara and the Doctor: Linked through time in the most impossible way! Clara 'Oswin' Oswald: The Impossible Girl. Continue reading

Cybermen Invade London (Again!) | Doctor Who TV

Today has seen the Cybermen making a very public appearance in London mimicking one of the most memorable moments from Doctor Who's history. cybermen-2014-st-pauls. The scenes being filmed, believed to be for the Continue reading

Is the Doctor a Good Man? | Doctor Who TV

Doctor-Who -A-Christmas-Carol-Promo-pics-(8 The Doctor's position when it comes to showing mercy is one of the most changeable parts of his personality. 2 instances however where he gave his enemies second chances to Continue reading

You will become like us! The Best 'Converter' Episodes | Doctor Who …

At the start of Series 1 Rose is the most basic, normal and therefore relatable character to discover the world of Doctor Who through. This second episode is the 9th Doctor's first attempt to impress Rose, who isn't sure if she Continue reading

The Blood Cell (12th Doctor novel) – The Doctor Who Site

Doctor Who : The Blood Cell (12th Doctor novel) (Hardback). “Release the Doctor – or the killing will start.” An asteroid in the furthest reaches of space – the most secure prison for the most dangerous of criminals. Continue reading

Doctor Who: The Blood of Azrael (Paperback) – Merchandise Guide …

Doctor Who : The Blood of Azrael (Paperback). Doctor Who is the one of the most popular and highest-rated shows on BBC One, and is known and loved by millions worldwide. The series' profile is at all-time high, as it has just Continue reading

Doctor Who Card Game Preview 4 | Cubicle 7

One of the questions we've been asked the most since announcing the second edition of Doctor Who : The Card Game is whether the cards from the new edition can be combined with the old edition, so we thought we'd Continue reading

The Doctor Who Podcast – Paul Spragg: In His Own Words | The …

Last week Doctor Who lost one of the most happy, vibrant and friendly of fans. Paul Spragg worked for Big Finish and was intrinsic to so much of their work. Big Finish released the news on their website last week. Continue reading

RTD: Fans Can't Ignore “Half-Human” Doctor | Doctor Who TV

Doctor Who Revisited: Paul McGann One of the most controversial elements in the 1996 TV movie is the scene where Paul McGann's Doctor says that he is half-human “On his mother's side.” Many fans have chosen to ignore Continue reading

10 Scene Stealing Clara Moments | Doctor Who TV

All this of course cultivated to the undoubted pinnacle of Jenna's career so far, being cast as the most recent companion in the show we all know and love, “ Doctor Who ”, as the ever mysterious Clara (at times 'Oswin') Oswald. Continue reading