Doctor Who's Biggest Deus Ex Machina | Doctor Who TV

As I look back through Doctor Who's history, I find myself paying attention to how the Sonic Screwdriver was utilized. When it was conceived in the Classic Era, I find that it looked to be used as a futuristic piece of technology Continue reading

Doctor Who Season 8 Has A Full-Length Trailer | Gizmodo Australia

Grab your sonic screwdrivers and ditch those bow ties, Whovians: Doctor Who 's eight season is streaking towards us faster than a speeding TARDIS… Continue reading

10 British Sci-Fi Shows to Scratch Your DOCTOR WHO Itch « Nerdist

We know roughly when the eighth series of Doctor Who will hit our screens (sometime in August), but that means we have a summer's worth of time before we can see our favorite Time Lord brandish his sonic screwdriver Continue reading

Sci-Fi Contest Roundup: Doctor Who

What's a Sci-Fi contest without entries from the longest running sci-fi TV show, Doctor Who ? Sonic Screwdriver Door Lock Ah yes, the iconic Sonic Screwdriver, able to get the Doctor out of almost any jam — with style. Continue reading

Doctor Who Bottle Opener: Sonic Screwdriver – Merchandise Guide …

Doctor Who Bottle Opener: Sonic Screwdriver. Available to order from Doctor Who Bottle Opener: Based on the 11th Doctors Sonic Screwdriver… sonic-bottle Continue reading

Doctor Who News: TARDIS app Released

Following the successful launch of the Official Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver App which topped the entertainment charts in Australia, New Zealand, US and UK on its release, BBC Worldwide Australia and New Zealand and Continue reading

John Hurt in Your Pocket | Doctor Who TV

John Hurt's Doctor has been immortalised as an action figure. Referred to as “The Other Doctor” here, the set comes with a Sonic Screwdriver, The Moment accessory and an Eighth Doctor alternate head. Forbidden Planet Continue reading

Doctor Who's 50-year anniversary gets a playable Google Doodle

Celebrating 11 regenerations over 50 years, today's Doodle (or Whoodle?) is a downright charming mini-game based on everyone's favorite Sonic Screwdriver. Continue reading

The Science of Doctor Who's Sonic Screwdriver – Gizmodo

Ahead of this weekend's 50th anniversary of Doctor Who's first appearance on the small screen, the guys at Headsqueeze have taken a look at his famous Sonic Screwdriver–and asked if it could ever be, you know, Continue reading