Doctor Who News: Zohra Sehgal 1912-2014

Zohra Sehgal was the longest lived actress ever to appear in Doctor Who , appearing alongside the first Doctor William Hartnell in two stories. She played Sheyrah in the second episode of the 1965 story The Crusade, as well as having a small Continue reading

Doctor Who: The Tenth Planet DVD review | SciFiNow – The World's …

William Hartnell's lovingly restored final Doctor Who story is a must-see piece of sci-fi. Continue reading

The BBC's Doctor Who docudrama gets the first Doctor exactly right

… not an old picture of William Hartnell as the first Doctor. That's actor David Bradley as Hartnell, in the first promo picture for Mark Gatiss' An Adventure in Time and Space, the docudrama retelling the creation of Doctor Who . Continue reading

Poll: Who is your favorite Doctor from Doctor Who?

Take this poll! Who is your favorite Doctor from Doctor Who ? William Hartnell (1963 – 66) Patrick Troughton (1966 – 69) Jon Pertwee (1970 – 74) Tom Baker. Continue reading