Will There Be a 10th Anniversary Special for the … – Doctor Who TV

Doctor Who first aired on 23rd November 1963 with William Hartnell playing the title character. The programme stayed on our screens until 1989 when it was cancelled. In 1996, the Americans tried bringing it back with a TV Continue reading

Doctor Who News: Doctor Who wins BAFTA Award

The drama based on the origins of Doctor Who , An Adventure in Space and Time missed out on the award for Best Single Drama, which was won by Channel 4's Complicit. The man who played William Hartnell in the drama, Continue reading

Doctor Who News: Ken Trew 1936-2014

His first involvement with Doctor Who was on The Myth Makers (1965) with William Hartnell, which was recorded at Riverside Studios. He assisted Designer Bobi Bartlett on the Patrick Troughton, Cyberman story The Invasion Continue reading

Doctor Who (Classic): “The Tenth Planet” · TV Club · The A.V. Club

It's the first appearance by the Cybermen, the only Doctor Who monsters to come anywhere close to rivaling the Daleks for longevity and iconic importance. It's also the exit of William Hartnell as the star of the show, and thus Continue reading

Doctor Who News: Retro posters produced for An Adventure In …

The 90-minute production for BBC Two tells the story of the creation of Doctor Who , and both posters carry the tagline “The Story Begins Here”, with one of them using artwork of David Bradley as William Hartnell, evoking the Continue reading

Time Travel with the Doctor in This 'Doctor Who' 50th Anniversary …

The BBC blew their special effects budget on this Doctor Who 50th anniversary trailer that travels through time, starting with William Hartnell's first doctor and ending with Matt Smith's current Doctor. “I've been running all my Continue reading

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William Hartnell's lovingly restored final Doctor Who story is a must-see piece of sci-fi. Continue reading

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Last time, in discussing William Hartnell's first fusspot Doctor, I mentioned that some 106 Doctor Who episodes are currently missing, following the tragic destruction and/or recycling of the master tapes on which they were Continue reading

Draft script for Doctor Who's "The Tenth Planet" has different ending

Almost everyone knows how the Doctor Who story “The Tenth Planet” ends — it's the last story where William Hartnell plays the mysterious time-traveling Doctor. Except that a newly unearthed draft script by Kit Pedler and Continue reading

Doctor Who News: Original Tenth Planet Script Found

The original script for William Hartnell's last story, The Tenth Planet, has been found, with one key difference from the transmitted version. The Doctor does not regenerate at the end of the story. Michael Seely, author of the Continue reading