Power of the Daleks Twitter Stickers From BBC

Power of the Daleks Twitter Stickers From BBC

To celebrate the release of The Power of the Daleks, BBC Store has teamed up with Twitter to release a number of brilliant stickers to pimp your twitter profile pic.

The Power of the Dalek Twitter Stickers include: the Doctor’s hat, Polly’s hair, the TARDIS, a Dalek, Bragen’s hat, the … Continue reading

Doctor Who "Into the Dalek" Workprint Fully Leaks Online …

Last month news broke that the first episode of the new season of Doctor Who had leaked online. Reports that the second episode was also available faltered with no full copy publicly circulating online. That has now changed, Continue reading

Character Building Doctor Who Wave 4 Super Rares – Merchandise …

Character Building Doctor Who Wave 4 Super Rares. With Thanks to CB Doctor. You can order a full box of 36 figures from www.forbiddenplanet.co.uk. Alternatively you can order a full box www.character-online.com (order Continue reading

The Average Face Of Doctor Who

YouTuber Dave Clipson looks at what Doctor Who might look like if all 13 of his main variants were combined into one meta-Doctor. While the combo of Matt Smith and David Tennant looks normal, most others seem downright creepy. Continue reading

If DOCTOR WHO Was an Animated Show, This Would Totally Be the …

Artist and animator Stephen Byrne has made this amazing opening title sequence to a fictional Saturday morning-style animated series of Doctor Who , still starring Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman, but with P-Caps being a Continue reading

Doctor Who News: World Tour – New York Tickets

BBC America has announced that tickets for the New York leg of the Doctor Who World Tour will go on sale on Monday 12 August at Midday. The screening event will take place at 7.30pm ET on Thursday 14 August at a Continue reading

'Doctor Who' takes a 'Deep Breath' in season 8 premiere – CNET

Almost exactly a year after Peter Capaldi was revealed as the new star of ” Doctor Who “, the new series had its premiere in the UK today — with a breathless first episode in which we meet a “mysterious”, “fearless”, and “more Continue reading

Peter Capaldi & Jenna Coleman Premiere 'Doctor Who' In Cardiff …

Peter Capaldi & Jenna Coleman Premiere ' Doctor Who ' In Cardiff & London Peter Capaldi poses with co-star Jenna Coleman during the premiere event of Doctor Who held at St. David's Hall on Thursday afternoon (August 7) Continue reading

Doctor Who Season 8 Preview Shows Off New Footage And …

Season 8 of the BBC's venerable sci-fi adventure Doctor Who kicks off a little less than two weeks from today—okay, it's exactly two weeks from tomorrow, premiering on Saturday, August 23. They've been building up to Peter Continue reading

Nice Time! Doctor Who Contracted Ebola Subtweets Ann Coulter In …

Remember yesterday when Ann Coulter was terrible? Ha ha, of course you have forgotten because she is terrible every day so the specific occasions all blend together. But we're talking about yesterday's insanely insulting Continue reading