The New Season Of Doctor Who Will Have Way Less Serialized …

Steven Moffat goes into more detail about how Doctor Who will address Peter Capaldi's previous appearances. The Under the Dome cast talks about the “penetrable” Dome. And previews of True Bloodand this Fall's CW Continue reading

Will Peter Jackson Direct An Episode Of Doctor Who … – Bleeding Cool

In an interview with Steven Moffat, show runner for Doctor Who , SFX magazine asked about the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit director Peter Jackson actually directing an episode of Doctor Who . “He's still incredibly busy on Continue reading

Moffat on Series 8′s Smaller Story Arc | Doctor Who TV

Steven Moffat has spoken a little about the story arc this year stating that it will only take up a small chunk of each episode in the lead up to the finale. Think Series Five, rather than Six. Responding in EW, Moffat said: “Yes Continue reading

Peter Jackson likely to direct 'Doctor Who' | Hobbit Movie News and …

In an interview with SFX magazine, ' Doctor Who ' showrunner Steven Moffat stated that Peter Jackson is still in the running to direct a future. Continue reading

Series 8 Leaked Episodes Update | Doctor Who TV

The news comes less than a week after the script leaks, an event that Steven Moffat yesterday described as “horrible, miserable and upsetting for Doctor Who team”. BBC Worldwide said in a statement: “This is part of BBC Continue reading

Doctor Who News: New Doctor Who image released

A new image from the upcoming series of Doctor Who has been released by the BBC. The image was released to tie in with an interview given to US magazine Entertainment Weekly by show-runner Steven Moffat about the Continue reading

Doctor Who Showrunner Steven Moffat Rumored For A Star Wars …

Well, this ought to get people riled up. Doctor Who is set to return next month for another season and with a new Doctor (Peter Capaldi), and showrunner Steven Moffat has hinted that he plans to stick with the show for a while Continue reading

Moffat Teases Massive Cliffhanger | Doctor Who TV

Steven Moffat has promised there will be “whopper” of a cliffhanger towards the end of the “next series”, one that he doesn't think fans will see coming. In the latest issue of DWM (#475) Moffat is asked how far in advance he Continue reading

Does Clara Hide a Secret that is Bigger on the Inside? | Doctor Who …

Steven Moffat, writing in Doctor Who Magazine earlier in the year, suggested that we might just find out of the source of Clara's troubled relationship with the TARDIS. After explaining that Clara was particularly hard-to-impress Continue reading

Blogtor Who: Doctor Who: The World Tour

Doctor Who : The World Tour will begin in the UK on August 7th and finish in Brazil on August 19th. The trip will see Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi, on-screen companion Jenna Coleman, and current showrunner Steven Moffat, Continue reading