Life, Doctor Who & Combom: WATCH: Restoring Doctor Who

The Doctor Who Restoration Team have done an amazing job over the years restoring the classic Doctor Who episodes and last year was no exception. Last year, The Web of Fear and The Enemy of the World were returned Continue reading

Doctor Who: Celebrating 50 Years of Fandom – DVD – Merchandise …

Doctor Who : Celebrating 50 Years of Fandom explores what makes Doctor Who fans special, and how not only has the show influenced them, but how they have influenced the show itself! We speak to stars of the series, Continue reading

The Unsung Heroes of the Matt Smith Era | Doctor Who TV

If we think of the people that made the last four years of Doctor Who the fantastic thrill ride that it was, we usually end up looking at and writing about the same few names: Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill, Jenna Continue reading

Doctor Who News: Christopher Barry 1925 – 2014

Christopher Barry was responsible for some of the most admired stories from the classic series of Doctor Who , where he was the longest serving director, responsible for 43 episodes spanning the years 1963-1979. Continue reading

Amazing 'Doctor Who' Animation Mashed up with 'Take on Me'

TheFlixx took Richard Swarbrick's amazing “50 Years in Time and Space” Doctor Who animation and added “Take on Me” by A-ha because of the animation's resemblance to the song's sketchy music video. It fits perfectly Continue reading

The Eleventh Hour final panel full video – Doctor Who News

An extended video of the third and final Eleventh Hour panel at the Doctor Who Celebration has been published on the BBC's 50 Years of Doctor Who website. Filmed at the Excel in London on the 24th November and Continue reading

Doctor Who Easter Eggs From 30 Years Of Gaming – News – www …

The Doctor, the TARDIS, and Daleks have shown up in a number of games throughout the years. Continue reading

Science shows why Doctor Who is so special –

As Doctor Who's 50th anniversary looms, time travel is everywhere – on the screen, at least. Famously, the Doctor can whizz through the years using a 'dimensionally transcendental' machine, the TARDIS, and make changes Continue reading

David Tennant returns in two new trailers for the Doctor Who 50th …

If you're a Doctor Who fan, you likely have an undying love for one of the actors that played the character over the years, and feel indifferent to or mollified by the rest of them — nothing too intense. For the upcoming 50th Continue reading