Happy Birthday, Big Finish! 15 Picks for 15 Years | Doctor Who TV

That is something I can't really see in a negative light as it's something very specific to this fandom and more importantly – we get what we want! Doctor Who has one of the largest, most diverse set of mediums of any franchise. Continue reading

Doctor Who: Celebrating 50 Years of Fandom – DVD – Merchandise …

Doctor Who : Celebrating 50 Years of Fandom explores what makes Doctor Who fans special, and how not only has the show influenced them, but how they have influenced the show itself! We speak to stars of the series, Continue reading

50 Years of Doctor Who, 30 Years of Fandom | Del Rey and Spectra …

50 Years of Doctor Who , 30 Years of Fandom – Home of SF and fantasy publishers Del Rey and Spectra, with the latest news on our authors and books, plus exclusive content and ebooks. Continue reading

doctorwho: FIC UPDATE: The Legacy Season Two (Susan II, Donna …

Title : The Legacy – Season Two (9/13 + “Specials”) Fandom : Doctor Who (with guest appearances from Torchwood and SJA) Chapter Title : Chapter Nine: Time Lord Influenza Genre : AU season, written in narrative prose vs. Continue reading

doctorwho: Fiction One Shot – What's In a Name?

Title: What's In a Name? Author: dancingdragon3 Fandom: Doctor Who Characters: Eleven/River, Amy, mentions of past Doctor relationships Length: ~ 1700 words Genre/Rating: PG-13 for nudity, angst Disclaimer: I do not … Continue reading

Bringing Me False Hope; Avengers/Doctor Who – LiveJournal

Title: Bringing Me False Hope Author: rosie1234 Fandom: Avengers/ Doctor Who Pairings: Loki/Rose, Human!Doctor Prompt: Table 7/ Unknown Word Count: 693 Rating: PG-13 Disclaimer: Not Mine “Rose Tyler, just the out of … Continue reading

doctorwho: Fic: Who Else? (1/?)

Title: Who Else? (1/?) Fandom: Doctor Who Ratings: PG Spoilers: s06e11: The God Complex Characters: The Doctor Summary: What does the Doctor see when he opens his door? Continue reading

crossoverfic: Forever Lonely; Harry Potter/Doctor Who; Hermione …

Title: Forever Lonely Author: rosie1234 Fandom: Harry Potter/ Doctor Who Pairings: Hermione/Ten Table: Table General #2 Prompt: Rejected Word Count: 561 Summary: Hermione tries to stop the doctor from leaving her. Continue reading