David Tennant returns in two new trailers for the Doctor Who 50th …

If you're a Doctor Who fan, you likely have an undying love for one of the actors that played the character over the years, and feel indifferent to or mollified by the rest of them — nothing too intense. For the upcoming 50th Continue reading

Giant Doctor Who Inflatable TARDIS and Dalek » Coolest Gadgets

If you think that you have the lung capacity of the big bad wolf, then you might want to give the $89.99 Giant Doctor Who Inflatable TARDIS and Dalek a go. After all, it is the time to show off to the rest of your family and friends Continue reading

Doctor Who: Fifty Stories For Fifty Years: 1987 – Mindless Ones

A quick note before I begin here — I had no home internet access for a month, and so wasn't able to watch or write about the rest of the recent series. Sorry to those who were hoping for more reviews. That's also why I haven't … Continue reading