Titan Gets The Licence To Publish Doctor Who Comics – Bleeding …

As for the rest of the rumour, that Titan comics would take the Doctor Who magazine away from Panini and bring it in house, creating a European-and-North-America license, we don't know. It was certainly discussed. Continue reading

Giant Doctor Who Inflatable TARDIS and Dalek » Coolest Gadgets

If you think that you have the lung capacity of the big bad wolf, then you might want to give the $89.99 Giant Doctor Who Inflatable TARDIS and Dalek a go. After all, it is the time to show off to the rest of your family and friends Continue reading

Doctor Who: Fifty Stories For Fifty Years: 1987 – Mindless Ones

A quick note before I begin here — I had no home internet access for a month, and so wasn't able to watch or write about the rest of the recent series. Sorry to those who were hoping for more reviews. That's also why I haven't … Continue reading

Watch the Live Doctor Who Cast Q&A with Matt, Karen and Arthur Here

Life, Doctor Who & Combom. Combom search database is loading… Sunday, 15 July 2012 Continue reading