Is This A Japanese Doctor Who Parody Or Something Else …

This has been bouncing around the web the last few days. It's titled as a Japanese Doctor Who . The poster says he found it on an old video tape and it may be from the 70′s or 80′s. If it is real, then why hasn't it popped up Continue reading

Does Time Travel Work on the Big Screen? | Doctor Who TV

Something else Star Trek shares with Doctor Who is the fact that it made its name as a TV series. From that it has gone on to have two blockbuster films in the last five years, something Doctor Who could potentially follow suit Continue reading

Doctor Who News: DWAS: Myth Makers – The Making of Doctor WHo

Over the last 51 years the Doctor has travelled through time and space on a never ending voyage of discovery. Similarly, the making of the show itself has undertaken its own journey. Today ' Doctor Who ' is a colour, HD, CGI, Continue reading

The Unsung Heroes of the Matt Smith Era | Doctor Who TV

If we think of the people that made the last four years of Doctor Who the fantastic thrill ride that it was, we usually end up looking at and writing about the same few names: Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill, Jenna Continue reading

Major Series 8 Villain Revealed? | Doctor Who TV

I was at the McCoy stage talk in Newcastle on Saturday when he said this. He said “I know who the next Master is… He's very scary.” because we were talking about his thoughts on Survival, the last serial of the classic series. Continue reading

Titan to Launch New 'Doctor Who' Comics – The Hollywood Reporter

Matt Smith may have regenerated into Peter Capaldi in the last episode of the BBC's Doctor Who , but the Eleventh Doctor lives on — as does the Tenth — in two new series from Titan Comics to launch this summer. Continue reading

Fannual – The Peter Cushing Doctor Who Annual : Doctor Who Hub

With all the spin-off and tie-in media spawned from the Doctor Who TV series over the last 50 years, it's a shame there was never anything from the Peter Cushing Dalek films. There was one comic book adaptation of DR. Continue reading

'Doctor Who': A 'Time of the Doctor' unpopular opinion – Zap2it

Most of you watched the Doctor Who Christmas Special in the last day or so, wherever you are around the world. If you haven't, GO WATCH IT FIRST. Continue reading

Doctor Who News: Odds on a Who Christmas

Unlike previous years, the positions have hardly changed over the last fortnight or so, with Doctor Who remaining their fourth favourite to win overall at 21/1; Eastenders remains the firm favourite throughout with odds reaching Continue reading