New 'Doctor Who' Season 8 Teaser, Episode Details & World …

The BBC has released the third teaser for ' Doctor Who ' and announced the season 8 world premiere. Plus, Frank Cottrell Boyce will write an episode. Continue reading

Tom Riley on his Series 8 Role & Capaldi | Doctor Who TV

Actor Tom Riley has spoken a little about his upcoming guest role in Doctor Who Series 8. Riley said that filming on his episode (the third of the run) is continuing this week, but wouldn't be drawn on who is playing (see filming Continue reading

Tom Baker Reunion with Sarah Jane Was Planned | Doctor Who TV

I, like Doctor Who , watched it from when it started and really got into it by the third series, which is where I think it really began to pick up. The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith was a real milestone in the show and it was such a Continue reading

2014 Doctor Who Monsters Coin Depicts Cyberman | Coin News

Now available is the 2014 Cybermen Silver Proof Coin. This release is the third issue from the Perth Mint of Australia's Doctor Who Monsters series. Continue reading

'Doctor Who' Director Derek Martinus Dead at 82 – TheWrap

Martinus directed 26 episodes of the long-running series, many of them pivotal — including the first color episodes of “ Doctor Who ” and the “Spearhead From Space” serial, which saw Jon Pertwee (pictured above), the third Continue reading

Doctor Who News: Derek Martinus 1931-2014

Veteran Doctor Who director Derek Martinus has died at the age of 82. Derek Martinus was a BBC drama Director, responsible for 26 episodes of Doctor Who . His first story was the premier of the third season of the series, Continue reading

The Eleventh Hour final panel full video – Doctor Who News

An extended video of the third and final Eleventh Hour panel at the Doctor Who Celebration has been published on the BBC's 50 Years of Doctor Who website. Filmed at the Excel in London on the 24th November and Continue reading

Doctor Who: How Jon Pertwee changed the Doctor from cosmic …

When Doctor Who met the 1970s, Jon Pertwee took the mantle of TV's favourite Time Lord in colour for the first time. With an array of ruffled shirts, billowing capes and glorious velvet jackets, the third Doctor arrived in style. Continue reading

Blogtor Who: Doctor Who stars in new web series

Doctor Who's Annette Badland (Aliens of London, World War III and Boom Town) and Simon Fisher-Becker (The Pandorica Opens, A Good Man Goes To War and The Wedding of River Song) can currently be seen in the third … Continue reading