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Back in 2010 Steven Moffat took over as head writer of the cult classic British Sci-Fi Doctor Who from Russell T. Davies. Davies had headed the reboot of the show back in 2005. When the switch happened many fans began Continue reading

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Of all the episodes of Doctor Who ever to air, none have quite the same weight as “The Day of the Doctor”, better known as the show's 50th anniversary special. As head writer, it fell on Steven Moffat to pen the episode which, Continue reading

We're mighty sick of Doctor Who stories where time travel is magic

Ever since Steven Moffat took over as head writer of Doctor Who , the show's been trying to be a “dark fairy tale.” And the main sort of magic in Moffat's fairy-tale Who has been time-travel, with its arbitrary rules and … Continue reading

SDCC Interviews with Doctor Who cast and crew | Geekscape

As you are all well aware, the cast of Doctor Who along with head writer Steven Moffat and new executive producer, Caroline Skinner attended San Diego Comic Con last weekend. I was lucky enough to get some time in front … Continue reading