Doctor Who News: Mary Tamm (1950-2012)

She joined Doctor Who in the role of Romanadvoratrelundar, aka Romana (or Fred!), alongside Tom Baker as the Doctor for the sixteenth year of the show, which revolved around the search for the Key to Time. During the run … Continue reading

Yes Folks,Tom Baker's Doctor Who Fought Alongside Captain Kirk …

It was seen by some as a hoax. A cover unrepresentative of its interior. A variant cover even, showing a kind of “what if”? Continue reading

Review: Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock (PSN) |

Most people In the US know Doctor Who as that quirky British scifi show on PBS in the 70′s and 80′s. With the blue Police Box, Tom Baker's mop of hair and iconic hat and scarf, low budget special effects and alien makeup … Continue reading

Tom Baker will return for Doctor Who's 50th anniversary after all …

Dust off your long, winding scarves, dear fellow Whovians, and stock up on those jelly babies, because it looks like Tom Baker is definitely returning for Doctor Who's big whopping 50th-anniversary bash next year. The Daily … Continue reading