Like 'Doctor Who,' Syrian activists hang in limbo post-election – KPCC

Adrian Rogers/BBC. Syrian activist Dandachi found solace, and lessons, in Doctor Who (the title role portrayed here, in his 11th incarnation, by English actor Matt Smith). Continue reading

NEW SAVANNA: Godzilla, Doctor Who, and Star Trek: the Big Three?

As the title suggests, I'm wondering if these three franchises, Godzilla, Doctor Who , and Star Trek, with their different themes and agendas, triangulate a certain very large space in the world's popular culture over the last half Continue reading

The Little Red Umbrella: The Boob Tube Review: Doctor Who & The …

The Boob Tube Review: Doctor Who & The Crimson Herrings by Adam Bunch. [Spoiler alert!] I thought maybe this week, given the Victorian setting and the reference to the colour red right there in the title — both things … Continue reading

This Week's TV: 6 Season Finales. Plus Neil Gaiman writes Doctor …

Plus Neil Gaiman writes Doctor Who ! This week's television includes … Top image: Doctor Who …. The last time Doctor Who had an anniversary and a Cyberman story with “Silver” in the title, it was kind of a letdown. But luckily … Continue reading

Doctor Who Season Finale Title Revealed, River Song to Return …

The BBC and Radio Times have released the title and episode poster for the final episode of the current season of Doctor Who , scheduled to air on May 18th. Spoilers ahead! Quote Steven Moffat regarding the title, “There's … Continue reading

Series 7 Finale Title Revealed | Doctor Who TV

The episode title for the Series 7 finale has finally been revealed along with the poster art. And the title of the episode… The Name of the Doctor. series-7-finale-poster-portrait. poster-series-7-finale. This was one of the … Continue reading

Life, Doctor Who & Combom: Doctor Who of the Day – New Earth

Doctor Who of the Day – New Earth. Before the title sequence of New Earth in the scenes in the TARDIS rose has long hair at the back however after the titles it is short length at the back. By Skaro at 09:00. Labels: Doctor Who … Continue reading

Doctor Who – Episode 7.03 – A Town Called Mercy (Spoilers)

The BBC have revealed the title of another Series 7 story; episode three is called A Town Called Mercy. Continue reading