The Wertzone: Doctor Who at 50: The Fourth Doctor (1974-81)

Tom Baker (1934- ) played the Fourth Doctor in 172 episodes and 41 serials, airing over seven seasons. He had eight companions (counting the two models of K-9 as two, but the two actresses who played Romana as one). Continue reading

Oh No They Didn't! – Doctor Who actress Mary Tamm dies

Doctor Who star Mary Tamm, who played companion Romana alongside Tom Baker, has died aged 62. The actress, who was born in Bradford, West Yorkshire, fought a long battle with cancer and died in hospital in London. Continue reading

Mary Tamm, Doctor Who's “Romana”, Dies at 62 | WebProNews

If you are familiar with the old/classic Doctor Who series with Tom Baker (Fourth Doctor), I am pretty sure you will remember Mary Tamm, the actress who portrayed Romana (first generation). This was the role that Mary Tamm … Continue reading

RIP Mary Tamm, “Doctor Who”'s Romana I « Nerdist

I'm very sad to have to again report on the passing of a beloved Doctor Who actor. Mary Tamm, who brilliantly played the first incarnation of Romana to Tom Baker's Doctor, has passed away from cancer at the age of 62. Continue reading

Mary Tamm, '70s Doctor Who Companion, passes away at 62 | Blastr

The BBC confirmed this morning that Mary Tamm, who played the first incarnation of Romana alongside Tom Baker's Doctor, died in hospital after a long battle with cancer at the age of 62. Tamm came to Doctor Who in 1978 … Continue reading

Doctor Who News: Mary Tamm (1950-2012)

She joined Doctor Who in the role of Romanadvoratrelundar, aka Romana (or Fred!), alongside Tom Baker as the Doctor for the sixteenth year of the show, which revolved around the search for the Key to Time. During the run … Continue reading

R.I.P. Mary Tamm, Doctor Who's Original Romana

Mary Tamm only appeared on Doctor Who for one season, but she established the character of Romana — a member of the Doctor's own race, who travels around with him on the quest for the Key to Time. And even though … Continue reading