Doctor Who News: Tom Baker interviews released on his 80th birthday

In addition, a slightly longer audio-only interview has been made available via BBC Worldwide's Doctor Who site in which Baker says he stayed for so long in the show because it made him so happy, adding: I've been gone Continue reading

Doctor Who News: Tom Baker's New Year's Message

Tom Baker has expressed his heartfelt thanks to fans around the world for their support, saying he felt 'swamped in love' following his appearance in the 50th Anniversary episode of Doctor Who . The veteran actor, who turns Continue reading

'Doctor Who': Colin Baker angry he wasn't in 'The Day of the … – Zap2it

While Whovians loved the “ Doctor Who ” 50th anniversary special, former Doctor Colin Baker says it made him feel like a “second class citizen.” Continue reading

Doctor Who 50th: Colin Baker angry about Tom Baker cameo …

Prior to the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary episode, The Day Of The Doctor, Sixth Doctor star Colin Baker had ground his multicoloured axe over how none of the old Doctors would be appearing. Following Tom Baker's surprise Continue reading

Doctor Who News: Tom Baker Wins Fans Poll as Favourite Doctor

Tom Baker had been named as favourite Doctor in a worldwide poll conducted bt the Doctor Who Appreciation Society (DWAS) to mark the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who . Baker, who played the Fourth Doctor between 1974 Continue reading

Doctor Who 50th anniversary special: Who are the Zygons? | Metro …

The Zygons have only made one previous appearance in Doctor Who – the 1975 serial Terror of the Zygons, featuring fourth Doctor Tom Baker – but remain one of the most popular of the Time Lord's enemies. They are a race Continue reading

'Doctor Who' was 'so much better than real life' says Tom Baker …

While Tom Baker doesn't watch “ Doctor Who ,” even his episodes, the fourth Doctor plans on viewing the 50th anniversary special and thinks his time on the show was better than real life. Continue reading