New Doctor Who Teaser Shows The Doctor's Brand New Identity …

BBC America released this lovely new teaser image for the eighth season of Doctor Who , along with the start date: August 23. And check out a brief new teaser trailer, in which the Doctor seems to be struggling with whether Continue reading

12th Doctor Touch Control Sonic Screwdriver – Doctor Who Toys …

Doctor Who – 12th Doctor Touch Control Sonic Screwdriver. You crazy Whovians need to check out this awesome 12th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver, touch both sides of the handle grip to activate sounds and lights! Be just like Continue reading

Blogtor Who: Doctor Who on The Big Bang Theory

The episode, titled The Proton Transmogrification, was a Star Wars special to celebrate May the Fourth. This is not the first time The Big Bang Theory has mentioned Doctor Who , check out more HERE. Continue reading

BBC Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Trailer | The Mary Sue

This was more like a teaser but considering how close we are to the big event, I don't mind. Plus, a lot of stuff was shown, albeit quickly. What did you spot that has you excited? Don't forget to check out the full week's schedule Continue reading

8Ball Doctor Who T Shirt Collection – David Tennant News Updates

Our friends at 8Ball have a cool collection of Doctor Who T shirts for sale on their website including the above Dalek and Bad Wolf designs. And the good news is they ship internationally! Click here to check out their full range. Continue reading

DOCTOR WHO S7 E11 Promo; "Nightmare In Silver"

The Doctor faces new, even deadlier Cybermen in this action-packed episode by Neil Gaiman! Hit the jump to check out the promo for next week's episode of Doctor Who , “Nightmare in Silver”. Continue reading