Doctor Who News: Enumerate! Enumerate! Sesame Street Spoofs …

Iconic US children's show Sesame Street starts its 45th season on PBS this fall, and it's turning its eyes to the skies by promising spoofs of a number of sci-fi franchises, including Doctor Who . Sesame Workshop, producers of Continue reading

[VIDEO] 'Sherlock' Season 3 & 'Doctor Who' Christmas Special …

BBC's Sherlock returns for its 3rd season on January 19 on PBS in the U.S., picking up after Season 2's “Reichenbach Fall” finale. Here's Benedict Cumberb. Continue reading

Matt Smith Says Goodbye To Doctor Who Fans In Video | Daily Ledes

One of my guilty pleasures is Doctor Who . As a child, I would watch the series on PBS as often as I could. It was tremendous fun for me, despite the cheesy special effects and cheap sets. I loved it. Like most Americans, Tom Continue reading

Doctor Who Lost Episodes Surprise Twist, Marvel Leaks, DC …

doctor who logo black I think I've admitted here before to being “just” a casual Doctor Who fan, having grown up watching old eps here on PBS during an era when that and Star Trek TOS reruns were the only science fiction Continue reading

Review: Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock (PSN) |

Most people In the US know Doctor Who as that quirky British scifi show on PBS in the 70′s and 80′s. With the blue Police Box, Tom Baker's mop of hair and iconic hat and scarf, low budget special effects and alien makeup … Continue reading