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DoctorWho3 The seventh season of Doctor Who (the original run, not the 2005 series) was in color. That's about the only extra expense they put into the show. The special effects are pretty much on par with the first six Continue reading

Time Travel with the Doctor in This 'Doctor Who' 50th Anniversary …

The BBC blew their special effects budget on this Doctor Who 50th anniversary trailer that travels through time, starting with William Hartnell's first doctor and ending with Matt Smith's current Doctor. “I've been running all my Continue reading

A Classic Doctor Who Creator Forced to Rewatch 1980s Special – Io9

This is kind of amazing. Andrew Cartmel, the script editor of Doctor Who back in the late 1980s, is forced to rewatch some special effects sequences from his time on the show and rate them according to how they look today. Continue reading

Doctor Who 'thunderingly racist' |

Doctor Who has been accused of many things during its 50 years on TV – most to do with cheesy special effects – but “thunderingly racist” is probably not one of them. Continue reading

Review: Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock (PSN) |

Most people In the US know Doctor Who as that quirky British scifi show on PBS in the 70′s and 80′s. With the blue Police Box, Tom Baker's mop of hair and iconic hat and scarf, low budget special effects and alien makeup … Continue reading