ECCC | Karen Gillan Looks Back on 'Doctor Who,' Ahead to …

Having played the fan-favorite companion Amy Pond on Doctor Who , the actress was greeted with screams and cheers from people dressed as the Eleventh Doctor, Weeping Angels, Daleks, and, of course, different Continue reading

Gatiss Confirms Two Capaldi Eps, Hints at Jane … – Doctor Who TV

Gatiss has written six episodes since Doctor Who came back in 2005. There was The Unquiet Dead, The Idiot's Lantern, Victory of the Daleks and Night Terrors in the first, second, fifth and sixth series respectively. Continue reading

New Who: The Story Thus Far – Series 3 (Episodes … – Doctor Who TV

This scene was a prime example, among many others, as to why the Master is a brilliant villain within Doctor Who and my personal favourite. The Daleks and Cybermen are impressive and all but the Master is an all-rounded Continue reading

5 Underrated Doctor Who Monsters and Villains | Doctor Who TV

Guest contributor Ari Schneider-Gans lists the ones that don't get their dues. When fans think of Doctor Who monsters and villains, most think of the Daleks, the Cybermen and the Master. However, there have been many Continue reading

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Moray Laing, Editor, BBC Doctor Who Adventures says: “It's official. Daleks rule! Well done to all the Daleks throughout time and space for coming first in our poll. They must be delighted with the result! It's great to know that Continue reading

Doctor Who: "Rise Of The Cybermen"/"The Age Of Steel"/"The Idiot's …

In the great rankings of Doctor Who monsters, the Cybermen have always run a creditable but unmistakable second to the Daleks. The Daleks showed up in the show's second ever story, instantly spawning a “Dalekmania” Continue reading » NZ Mint Releases Doctor Who Monsters

Doctor Who fans, keep your eyes open: The Daleks are on their way to Earth. But you wont need the Time Lords to protect you from these alien visitors. New Zealand Mint has released the newest coins in its popular Doctor Continue reading

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Features classic characters from 50 years of Doctor Who , including the series' greatest monsters, all 11 Doctors and the most important Daleks and Cybermen from every era! It Looks like the 7 Classic Daleks are part of the Continue reading

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'I'm afraid' Peter Capaldi leaves stunt double to ride real horse in new Doctor Who scenes. PETER Capaldi might be getting used to fighting Daleks and travelling in the Tardis, but it looks as though there is one thing he just Continue reading

Doctor Who (Classic): “The Tenth Planet” · TV Club · The A.V. Club

It's the first appearance by the Cybermen, the only Doctor Who monsters to come anywhere close to rivaling the Daleks for longevity and iconic importance. It's also the exit of William Hartnell as the star of the show, and thus Continue reading