New Doctor Who Trailer Materialises | Movie News | Empire

In the wake of script leaks and now a rough cut of the first episode of the new series finding its way online, the Beeb has had a lot to worry about with regards to Doctor Who . Still, those who have managed to avoid spoilers got Continue reading

It's Peter Capaldi. In his Doctor Who spacesuit – Metro

We've all seen what he looks like in his official Doctor Who outfit – but the latest pictures to emerge from the set of the show see Peter Capaldi swapping his smart suit for a spacesuit. Continue reading

Doctor Who Vintage Mararthon: On Easter, the Time Lord rises …

In 1963, Doctor Who producer Verity Lambert and director Waris Hussein would have been astounded to learn that their low-rent show would run as an Easter marathon fifty years in the future – but here we are. You might also Continue reading » NZ Mint Releases Doctor Who Monsters

Doctor Who fans, keep your eyes open: The Daleks are on their way to Earth. But you wont need the Time Lords to protect you from these alien visitors. New Zealand Mint has released the newest coins in its popular Doctor Continue reading

'Sherlock' vs 'Doctor Who': Who gets your vote? : www …

No, just no. I will not participate in this poll. Moffat is a part of both shows, but they are not “Moffat shows”. Sherlock is written by both him AND Mark Gattis. Doctor Who has several writers too. It is not a Moffat world guys. Continue reading

Just how bad was this year's Christmas Doctor Who? – The Doctor …

Yes, I know it was a few days ago now but I'm still recovering from the trauma. My kids are too. They found the mawkishness so excruciating they had to hide behind the sofa. Just why was this year's Doctor Who Christmas Continue reading

Doctor Who: Missing Patrick Troughton episodes could air on BBC4 …

The BBC has the right – and in some senior quarters the desire – to show the nine recently-discovered Patrick Troughton Doctor Who episodes on BBC television, understands. The BBC has confirmed that it Continue reading

Dalek Invaders (FLASH GAME) : Doctor Who Hub

Use cursor keys ⇦ ⇨ to move the Tardis and the space bar ⟺ to fire the teleportation ray. press the P key to pause. If you would like to have a go on the full version Click Here. Please enter your high scores below Continue reading

Eccleston explains why he left Doctor Who | Bad Wilf

In an acting master class at the Theatre Royal Haymarket, Christopher Eccleston was asked why he left a such a high paid job as Doctor Who . He responded: “I left Doctor Who because I could not get along with the senior Continue reading