Doctor Who: “Human Nature”/“The Family Of Blood” · TV Club · The …

It's not the Doctor's fault that he's the star of a show called Doctor Who , but so much of the new series has been concerned with figuring out just what that status means for his place in the universe, both good and bad. Frankly Continue reading

Doctor Who (Classic): “The Tenth Planet” · TV Club · The A.V. Club

It's the first appearance by the Cybermen, the only Doctor Who monsters to come anywhere close to rivaling the Daleks for longevity and iconic importance. It's also the exit of William Hartnell as the star of the show, and thus Continue reading

Read Steven Moffat's audition scripts for Doctor Who's Twelfth Doctor

We still don't know who will be replacing Matt Smith as the star of Doctor Who . And we don't know how the Doctor will change when he regenerates into a new and possibly quite different form. But now, at least, we can read Continue reading

What We Want From Doctor Who's Next Doctor – Io9

This will be the saddest Christmas: Matt Smith has announced that he's stepping down as the star of Doctor Who at the end of the Christmas special. Smith is irreplaceable, but already people are speculating on names to … Continue reading