<b>Doctor Who</b> News: Hermione Norris announced for new series role

Hermione Norris (Credit: BBC) The BBC have announced that Hermione Norris has been cast in the new series of Doctor Who ; the actress will appear in the latest episode to be filmed, written by Peter Harness and directed by Continue reading

On First View: The Dalek Invasion of Earth | Doctor Who TV

In the beginning Doctor Who was a show about the Doctor, Susan, Ian and Barbara. But, like all good things, this had to come to an end. For Doctor Who , this was in The Dalek Invasion of Earth. Carole Ann Ford, the actress Continue reading

ECCC | Karen Gillan Looks Back on 'Doctor Who,' Ahead to …

Having played the fan-favorite companion Amy Pond on Doctor Who , the actress was greeted with screams and cheers from people dressed as the Eleventh Doctor, Weeping Angels, Daleks, and, of course, different Continue reading

Nothing Tra La La?: Doctor Who: 2012

Neither are listed in the Characters from Season 3 page on the BBC's own Doctor Who website – if that means anything. But other lists say one or both of them do. I once asked the actress Jean Marsh if she considered Sara to Continue reading

John Barrowman: Doctor Who should be a woman | Metro News

John Barrowman has added to calls for a woman to play the new Doctor Who , adding that the actress who takes up the role should be 'someone completely random'. Continue reading

Doctor Who News: Radio Times Cover for The Name of The Doctor

Radio Times (18 – 14 May 2013) (Credit: Radio Times) Next week's edition of the Radio Times (18-24 May 2013) sees Jenna-Louise Coleman grace the front cover. with the actress being featured as part of the publicity for the … Continue reading

Mary Tamm, Doctor Who's “Romana”, Dies at 62 | WebProNews

If you are familiar with the old/classic Doctor Who series with Tom Baker (Fourth Doctor), I am pretty sure you will remember Mary Tamm, the actress who portrayed Romana (first generation). This was the role that Mary Tamm … Continue reading

Doctor Who Actress Neve McIntosh has joined Twitter!

One of the many Doctor Who actors who has followed the bandwagon and signed themselves up for a non-stop fan messaging and general 'Justin Bieber Trends' website. This actress is Neve McIntosh who played Silurian … Continue reading

Doctor Who Actress Karen Gillan talks about 'Summer Heights High'

Doctor Who Actress Karen Gillan talks about 'Summer Heights High'. The BBC Three show, Summer Heights High was admitted to be a favourite show of Karen Gillan's this weekend (and mine too!). She also stated how she … Continue reading

Doctor Who Actress Karen Gillan talks about Series 7 Episode 5

Doctor Who Actress Karen Gillan talks about Series 7 Episode 5. Karen Gillan at Cannes Film Festival. Actress Karen Gillan , 24, has revealed in a recent interview that her character, Amy Pond, might not exit how many fans … Continue reading