McGann: Charles Dance Would Be a Great Master | Doctor Who TV

I personally don't think Russel T Davies actually 'gets' or understands the character of the Master (indeed, I don't think Russel T Davies 'gets' a lot of Doctor Who , and just thinks he does). I for one would like to see John Continue reading

Series 8: Master Finale Rumours | Doctor Who TV

THE Master will make a sensational return from the grave for the finale of the new series. Bosses have secretly plotted to bring the Time Lord's arch enemy back for a big cliffhanger. And it's rumoured they are looking for a Continue reading

Doctor Who: Legacy update may be difficult to Master | Joystiq

The first major update to Doctor Who : Legacy, the free-to-play iOS and Android puzzle game based on the BBC's sci-fi universe, will introduce longtime series villain The Master as well as a new Perk system, new Expert mode Continue reading

The Tenth Doctor: Five Favourites | Doctor Who TV

Today's birthday boy is the man who charmed audiences for the best part of the modern era of Doctor Who . A lifelong fan, David Tennant brought the role of our favourite Time Lord to life (unless your favourite is the Master). Continue reading

Cumberbatch Rules Out Doctor Who Role | Doctor Who TV

We've heard rumours of him being cast as the Master to the Doctor himself but it looks as though Benedict Cumberbatch has ruled out appearing in Doctor Who in any capacity. The Sherlock star told audiences at the Oz Continue reading

New Who: The Story Thus Far – Series 3 (Episodes … – Doctor Who TV

This scene was a prime example, among many others, as to why the Master is a brilliant villain within Doctor Who and my personal favourite. The Daleks and Cybermen are impressive and all but the Master is an all-rounded Continue reading

Major Series 8 Villain Revealed? | Doctor Who TV

I was at the McCoy stage talk in Newcastle on Saturday when he said this. He said “I know who the next Master is… He's very scary.” because we were talking about his thoughts on Survival, the last serial of the classic series. Continue reading

5 Underrated Doctor Who Monsters and Villains | Doctor Who TV

Guest contributor Ari Schneider-Gans lists the ones that don't get their dues. When fans think of Doctor Who monsters and villains, most think of the Daleks, the Cybermen and the Master. However, there have been many Continue reading

Classic Doctor Who: The Second Doctor's Essential Episodes | Tor …

Last time, in discussing William Hartnell's first fusspot Doctor, I mentioned that some 106 Doctor Who episodes are currently missing, following the tragic destruction and/or recycling of the master tapes on which they were Continue reading

Review of Doctor Who 'The Greatest Show in the Galaxy' (Series 25 …

This serial has the best musical opening number to an episode of Doctor Who ever – it even trumps the Master's song at the start of Last of the Time Lords. Continue reading