Doctor Who: The Ice Warriors – PopMatters

Though long missing episodes 2 and 3 of the six-episode serial, the classic Doctor Who story The Ice Warriors is now on DVD with animated restorations of the missing episodes… with original episode audio. Continue reading

Matt Smith On His 'Doctor Who' Departure And His Possible Return …

This will likely be Matt Smith's last Comic-Con as the titular character in BBC's long-running hit ” Doctor Who ” and the actor is struggling to say goodbye. At Entertainment Weekly's Brave New Warriors panel (above), which also Continue reading

'Doctor Who' preview: Seeing red with Diana Rigg – RedEye

Mark Gatiss was not just responsible for bringing back classic ” Doctor Who ” foes the Ice Warriors this season. He also convinced Dame Diana Rigg and her daughter, Rachael Stirling, to guest star. Continue reading

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Doctor Who ” Series 7 episode 8 “Cold War” reintroduces the Ice Warriors on a Russian submarine while Clara discovers the dangers of traveling with the Doctor. Continue reading

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I've only watched the revived Doctor Who so I've had no previous experience of this particular foe (the Ice Warriors last featured in 1974) but the depiction here shows them to be both compelling and formidable opponents. Continue reading