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With a history spanning over four decades, and a fanbase who remembered every minute of it, the production team of the revived Doctor Who had little leeway when it came to Making It Up. Whereas it was once generally Continue reading

Birthdays Times Two On 'Doctor Who'

Russell T. Davies is the former producer of the revived Doctor Who series which started in 2005, and he was the person credited with pushing for its revival, and breathing new life into the series which long languished after its Continue reading

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Doctor Who is the BBC's flagship program, but that doesn't mean the BBC can actually afford to make the show. The original series' budgetary limitations are the stuff of legend, but the revived Doctor Who is not immune to the Continue reading

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USA Release: Doctor Who Season 1-7 Limited Edition Blu-ray Gift Set

Coming soon to the USA: this limited edition Blu-ray gift set featuring the first seven seasons of the revived Doctor Who starring Chrisopher Eccleston, David Tennant and Matt Smith, all remastered for Blu-ray and including Continue reading

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Devoted fans of any television show can often go for months waiting for an episode like Neil Cross' “Hide,” a story so well-suited for Doctor Who that I feel confident ranking it among the very best episodes in the revived* … Continue reading

Review: DOCTOR WHO S7E09, COLD WAR (Or, An Ice Warrior …

I've only watched the revived Doctor Who so I've had no previous experience of this particular foe (the Ice Warriors last featured in 1974) but the depiction here shows them to be both compelling and formidable opponents. Continue reading