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Lots of outlets are reporting that a treasure trove of 106 Doctor Who episodes, including some of the missing ones, have been found in Ethiopia. We've heard such news before, and on rare occasions it turns out to be true, but Continue reading

Doctor Who: The Ice Warriors – PopMatters

Though long missing episodes 2 and 3 of the six-episode serial, the classic Doctor Who story The Ice Warriors is now on DVD with animated restorations of the missing episodes… with original episode audio. Continue reading

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Naturally, they've discussed the Doctor Who Missing Episodes rumour, nicknamed the Omnirumour which encapsulates the belief of some that ninety of so missing episodes of Doctor Who have been recovered – as well as Continue reading

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When I first ran the rumours of the return of Doctor Who Missing Episodes to the BBC, being spread by Doctor Who production folk, I pointed out that the rumours states that Doctor Who was only part of the haul, there were Continue reading

Doctor Who (Classic): “The Mind Of Evil” · TV Club · The A.V. Club

There was a rumor flying around Doctor Who fan circles recently that the Holy Grail had been found—a treasure-trove of lost episodes that would have almost completely restored the missing serials of the William Hartnell and Continue reading

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Did you think that firm denials by involved parties would stop the Doctor Who Missing Episodes rumours? Think again! The big rumour de jour is that a teaser trailer for one of the Missing Episodes, now returned, will appear on Continue reading

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Doctor Who #243: The Space Pirates Part 4. “Which end did you land on when you fell down that shaft?” TECHNICAL SPECS: Missing from the archives like most of this story, I've used a reconstruction Continue reading

Doctor Who #209: The Wheel in Space Part 4

“Are there any ordinary circumstances in space?” TECHNICAL SPECS: Missing from the archives, aside from a few brief clips. I have, of course, used a reconstruction (Part 1, Part 2) Continue reading