mtvU's Fandom Awards pit 'Sherlock,' 'Doctor Who,' 'Supernatural …

Listen up, Tumblr users, fan-fiction writers, cosplayers, and Redditors—and even you, people of the Internet who casually upvote and reblog. Have you ever wanted recognition for loving the things you love? Well, it's time for Continue reading

Doctor Who Religious Spoilers – Patheos

Orla Brady has been talking about her character Tasha Lem who will appear in the Doctor Who Christmas episode, “The Time of the Doctor.” Among the things that she says is that she plays a “galactic nun.” She's “the Mother Continue reading

Doctor Who Has An Explanation For Peter Capaldi's Previous …

In a new interview with Doctor Who 's Steven Moffat, released Friday on YouTube and embedded below, the showrunner addresses one of the things that's been nagging at some Who viewers since the recent announcement Continue reading

Doctor Who: Fifty Stories For Fifty Years — 1992 – Mindless Ones

One of the things that people who want to defend the Doctor Who produced in the sixteen years the show was off the air often say is that it was hugely influential on the programme once it returned to TV. Sometimes this is Continue reading

Doctor Who Hooping |

megan It can be a very wonderful thing when worlds collide. Having two things you absolutely love merging into one really can't be topped, especially when the things you love are hoop dance and Doctor Who – that's pretty … Continue reading