RTD: Fans Can't Ignore “Half-Human” Doctor | Doctor Who TV

Doctor Who Revisited: Paul McGann One of the most controversial elements in the 1996 TV movie is the scene where Paul McGann's Doctor says that he is half-human “On his mother's side.” Many fans have chosen to ignore Continue reading

Doctor Who Religious Spoilers – Patheos

Orla Brady has been talking about her character Tasha Lem who will appear in the Doctor Who Christmas episode, “The Time of the Doctor.” Among the things that she says is that she plays a “galactic nun.” She's “the Mother Continue reading

'Doctor Who': Matt Smith's mom is 'mortified' he's leaving – Zap2it

Doctor Who ” star Matt Smith is sad to say goodbye to the Doctor, but it's mother who is scared. Smith says his mother wants him to stay and is “mortified” of his departure. Continue reading

BBC Release New Doctor Who Teaser Video… With Tom Baker …

Sit down, because here comes the mother of all Doctor Who teases. You see, the BBC have released a new video to promote… we don't know what. Something exciting, at least by virtue of its enigmatic nature. It could be to Continue reading