DOCTOR WHO and Laurel & Hardy Mashup Art by James Hance …

Artist James Hance has created an incredible Doctor Who inspired mashup illustration. As you can see, it features Stan Laurel from the classic comedy duo Laurel & Hardy with Matt Smith's Doctor in the place of Hardy. Continue reading

Doctor Who: “Human Nature”/“The Family Of Blood” · TV Club · The …

It's not the Doctor's fault that he's the star of a show called Doctor Who , but so much of the new series has been concerned with figuring out just what that status means for his place in the universe, both good and bad. Frankly Continue reading

A unified theory to explain the casting of every new Doctor Who – io9

So, your friendly neighborhood post-apocalyptic fake mailman has been hanging out in this place called Bridge City, which I swear to god is run by Tom Petty. He won't admit it, but he keeps singing “Free Fallin'” and it's Continue reading

Why Peter Capaldi Will Be an Amazing Doctor Who | PopMatters

The announcement, surprisingly, was not a left-turn that many were expecting. Some are raising hell over his place in the canon. You know what? Its going to be really, really hard to top Capaldi. Continue reading

Doctor Who Monopoly Tokens – Neatorama

Even if you choose the TARDIS, you can't land on Park Place on your first turn. That's totally against the rules.Etsy seller Donald James made these Monopoly player tokens by hand out of pewter. He also makes Iron Man, Continue reading