Watch 'Doctor Who' cosplayer zipline off a bridge – CNET

British ” Doctor Who ” fan dons Tom Baker's iconic long scarf to jump off the Tyne Bridge to raise money for a children's charity. Continue reading

'Doctor Who' cosplayer to zipline off bridge for charity – CNET

“That show has been inspiring me since I was 5 years old and it seemed fitting to do something for others and tie it in with my love of ' Doctor Who .' So I will be zip-sliding from the top of a rather iconic Bridge in the UK, the Tyne Continue reading

A unified theory to explain the casting of every new Doctor Who – io9

So, your friendly neighborhood post-apocalyptic fake mailman has been hanging out in this place called Bridge City, which I swear to god is run by Tom Petty. He won't admit it, but he keeps singing “Free Fallin'” and it's Continue reading