Welcome to Linda Ikeji's Blog: Nigerian doctor who treated Liberian …

Nigerian doctor who treated Liberian man tests positive to Ebola virus. One of the Nigerian doctors who treated Liberian Patrick Sawyer (pictured right) who died last week in Lagos of Ebola virus, has tested positive to the virus Continue reading

Weird and Wonderful | <b>Doctor Who</b> TV

Weird and Wonderful. Published May 11, 2014. Weird and Wonderful is Doctor Who TV’s look at some of the other Doctor Who bits and bobs around the web that caught our attention over the last week or so. Continue reading

'Doctor Who': New webisode with old enemies | Inside TV | EW.com

Following last week's “The Night of the Doctor” webisode the BBC has released to iTunes another mini-tale ahead of this Saturday's 50th-anniversary special show. The new story — ominously titled “The Last Day” — doesn't Continue reading

Doctor Who Round-Up – Ben Wheatley Directing, Vastra And Co …

Late last week, a tweet started doing the rounds from an individual who had heard a Doctor Who rumour in her office. We all know what that kind of craziness can lead to. In this case, she'd heard that Ben Wheatley, director of Continue reading

Who Watches Doctor Who? – Chris Pirillo

During last week's Star Scores (Episode I), I revealed that Diana and I would begin watching Doctor Who . Now, one week later, I tell you how far we've gotten and if our opinion of this 50-year-old classic sci-fi show is a positive one! No spoilers Continue reading

Domhnall Gleeson Rubbishes 12th Doctor Rumours | Doctor Who TV

Domhnall-Gleeson- doctor-who -potter. Ginger and a bow tie! Domhnall Gleeson was one of the names circulating last week to be revealed as the next Doctor. However, much like recent comments from Dominic Cooper, Continue reading

doctor-who/nightmare-in-silver-7×13 – Television Without Pity

Having successfully blackmailed Clara last week, Artie and Angie weasel their way into a trip aboard the TARDIS. The Doctor takes everyone to the greatest amusement park in the galaxy – or at least to what used to be the … Continue reading

Blogtor Who: Doctor Who on "Vicious"

ITV “sitcom” Vicious, starring Ian McKellen (The Snowmen) and Derek Jacobi (Utopia), continued this week with numerous references to Doctor Who – watch them in the player below. Watch a clip from last week's episode … Continue reading

Doctor Who News: Next Time: Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS

Continuing last week's line-up, The National Lottery: Who Dares Wins! follows Doctor Who at 7:15pm, with ITV again broadcasting You've Been Framed! Favourites from 6:00pm and Britain's Got Talent from 7:00pm. Similarly … Continue reading

Review of Doctor Who 'Hide' – Series 7, episode 9 | Neela Debnath …

If fans were still not happy with last week, then do not despair because Hide supercedes even Cold War in its brilliance, proving to be terrifying for both the adults and children watching. Continue reading