First 12th Doctor Novels Detailed | Doctor Who TV

The entire Doctor Who BBC book range is lying neglected in my opinion. Not just the drop off of current Doctor books, but the disappearance of past Doctor books as well. We had the wonderful “Wheel Of Ice” and “Harvest Of Continue reading

Dear Whovians… | Doctor Who TV

At the moment it seems that people who regard Doctor Who positively, with a lot of love and (in my opinion) rightfully generous scoring for Doctor Who serials are the latest victims of criticisms and attacks by members of the Continue reading

Is it Time to Give Big Finish the New Who Licence? | Doctor Who TV

In my opinion Doctor Who and Big Finish would both do well from a new contract including a few New Who clauses. But it might be a difficult task on the Doctor front and getting people to be involved. But what do you guys Continue reading

Who Watches Doctor Who? – Chris Pirillo

During last week's Star Scores (Episode I), I revealed that Diana and I would begin watching Doctor Who . Now, one week later, I tell you how far we've gotten and if our opinion of this 50-year-old classic sci-fi show is a positive one! No spoilers Continue reading

Oh No They Didn't! – Why Doctor Who Should Always Be Male

A big debate among Doctor Who fans is whether the Doctor should suddenly change his sex and become a female Time Lord. This is one of those ideas that would certainly kill the show, not in my opinion alone, but to quite a … Continue reading