Has Doctor Who's Stephen Moffat Been Offered A Star Wars Movie?

The latest rumor to come from the galaxy far, far away suggests that Doctor Who and Sherlock showrunner Stephen Moffat has been offered a Star Wars movie. Continue reading

Former Doctor Who companion to head ABC comedy this Fall …

Filed Under british comedy, buck henry, Comedy, disney, Doctor Who , guardians of the galaxy, homeland, Karen Gillan, marvel comics, my fair lady, selfie, Sitcom, situation comedy, Star Trek. If anyone still questions whether Continue reading

doctor-who/nightmare-in-silver-7×13 – Television Without Pity

Having successfully blackmailed Clara last week, Artie and Angie weasel their way into a trip aboard the TARDIS. The Doctor takes everyone to the greatest amusement park in the galaxy – or at least to what used to be the … Continue reading