Doctor Who Theme Video Song » Synthtopia

This music video, via Ace Waters, is a video song style cover of the classic Ron Grainer/Delia Derbyshire Doctor Who Theme. Here's what he has to say about it: I have had many friends tell me to watch Dr. Who and you know, Continue reading

Siskoid's Blog of Geekery: Doctor Who #839: The Waters of Mars

Doctor Who #839: The Waters of Mars. “Water is patient, Adelaide. Water just waits. It wears down the clifftops, the mountains, the whole of the world. Water always wins.” TECHNICAL SPECS: The story is available on DVD. Continue reading

7 Things that Make a Truly Great Doctor Who Story | Doctor Who TV

Blink, The Doctor's Wife, The Waters of Mars, Human Nature, The Family of Blood, Midnight and many other stories are regarded by the majority of Doctor Who fans as 'classics'. This term conveys the extreme love that the fans Continue reading

Doctor Who TV Show – Cold War – Doctor Who Recaps, Doctor Who …

In 1983, a Russian submarine plies the waters of the North Pole. A professor aboard the sub has dug up some mysterious creature from the ice, with plans to thaw it out in Moscow. A crewman gets ants in his pants and … Continue reading