The Blood Cell (12th Doctor novel) – The Doctor Who Site

Doctor Who : The Blood Cell (12th Doctor novel) (Hardback). “Release the Doctor – or the killing will start.” An asteroid in the furthest reaches of space – the most secure prison for the most dangerous of criminals. Continue reading

Doctor Who: The Blood of Azrael (Paperback) – Merchandise Guide …

Doctor Who : The Blood of Azrael (Paperback). Doctor Who is the one of the most popular and highest-rated shows on BBC One, and is known and loved by millions worldwide. The series' profile is at all-time high, as it has just Continue reading

Doctor Who News: Win a signed copy of Paul Cornell's new book

Cornell has written three Doctor Who episodes, Father's Day, Human Nature and The Family of Blood as well as writing many novels, comics and audio plays based on the series. He also has written for Casualty, Robin Hood Continue reading

Bring Back… Paul Cornell | Doctor Who TV

I love Doctor Who , I love every aspect of Doctor Who , but now that I'm a bit older, going over Father's Day, and particularly Human Nature/The Family Of Blood, it strikes me as to how different those were, and how those kinds Continue reading

Steven Moffat and Neil Gaiman preview Doctor Who's bold new era!

Plus, before Peter Capaldi takes over, there's still the matter of Matt Smith's hair. Edgar Wright drops some hints about Ant-Man's villain (or lack thereof) and the enemy in The World's End. What's next for True Blood's main Continue reading

7 Things that Make a Truly Great Doctor Who Story | Doctor Who TV

Blink, The Doctor's Wife, The Waters of Mars, Human Nature, The Family of Blood, Midnight and many other stories are regarded by the majority of Doctor Who fans as 'classics'. This term conveys the extreme love that the fans Continue reading