Doctor Who #775: Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane? Part 2

One thing I really enjoy about Roberts' writing is that he understands Sarah Jane Smith is a big part of Doctor Who history, and so evokes that history with references that are clear enough for old-time fans to get, yet subtle Continue reading

Doctors Timeline for Doctor Who | The Big Picture

3 Responses to “Doctors Timeline for Doctor Who ”. F. Lynx Pardinus says: August 6, 2013 at 7:30 am. I really enjoy the show, but don't quite understand why the British can only pull off 14 episodes in a year. Log in to Reply. Continue reading

Pinstrosity: A Very Doctor Who Mix It Up Monday

Patty sent us her creation and it isn't a Pinstrosity or a Pin-Different, it is a definite Pin-Win and well I know we will have some readers that will really enjoy this!! The Original. This Doctor Who inspired Continue reading